Advertise on The Soul of the American Actor Newspaper

Advertise on The Soul of the American Actor Newspaper

Advertise on The Soul of the American Actor Newspaper

Advertise on The Soul of the American Actor Newspaper

Advertise on The Soul of the American Actor Newspaper


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To Advertise with “The Soul of the American Actor”

Over 25,000 Actors, Acting Students, Directors, Dancers, Playwrights, Choreographers, Musicians, Authors, Set Designers, Costume Designers, Sound Designers, Casting Directors, Agents, Producers, Casts of Broadway and Off-Broadway and Off-Off Broadway shows, Arts Professionals, Artists, and Theater Lovers read The Soul of the American Actor newspaper – the most respected Theater Arts Newspaper in America and the only Newspaper in the world dedicated to the creative process in print and online today. The Soul of the American Actor has become the soul of the artist today.

The Soul of the American Actor is published both in printed form on paper and in a limited edition online throughout the year.

Distribution: By subscription and personal visits.

If you wanted it mailed directly to you and to not miss an issue: Subscription price: $16 per year mailed via U.S. Postal Service.

(Newspaper is distributed FREE throughout New York City and across America, with a 3-to-1 pass-along readership.)

To Place an Ad: Contact Ronald Rand at 917-622-5365 or e-mail at:


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Advertising Rates, Sizes & Specs

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Online Newspaper Advertising Rates & Sizes


max. width in pixels
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in pixels
per ad*
Price for
1 year*
Full Banner
100 (Note this is a new size)
Half Banner
100 (Note this is a new size)
Right Column
Right Column Half Height 250 250 $50 $150
Right Column Double Height 250 800 $100 $225
Left Column
within reason

Size samples of online ad are one this page.

All online ad can of course be in color. There may be some shift of color on different monitors.

The Subscribe Ad for the Newspaper is an example of a Flash Ad.

Left Column Ads are very narrow and may not suitable for many advertisers, please consider this when choosing ad sizes.

A common ad size in the printed issue of the newspaper is the 5" x 1 Column Ad. This ad can be converted to fit nicely into the Right Column Ad at the height of 385 pixels. It can easily be conveted to this size for online advertising. Please take note however that the ad will remain black and white.

Another popular ad size in the printed issue of the newspaper is the 5" x 2 Column Ad. This ad does not convert to the online ad sizes. And so would have to be remade into one of the other size ads like a Full Banner.

The printed issue ads of Full Page and Half Page also do not convert to the online ad sizes and would have to be remade for the online issue.

Online Newspaper Advertising Specs & Formats

Online ads can be jpeg (jpg), gif, animated gif, or flash (swf). We reserve the right to decline ads too large that slow the loading of any page down. We will give file sized targets as we discover them.

Links: for all ads in formats other than except flash please send the link when emailing information about the ad. For Flash ads ad the link into the flash ad and please set the target to blank, or we can not post your ad.


Printed Newspaper

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Ad Sizes

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Price per issue*

Price for 1 year 4 issues*

2' x 2 Columns





5" x 1 Column





5" x 2 Columns





Half Column





Full Column





Half Page





Full Page
(image area. please no bleeds)






*prices subject to change.


Technical information: This newspaper is published entirely via the computer, which means we do not shoot hardcopy and print film. Therefore, all ads must be supplied for computer publishing. The Hardcopy Newspaper is printed in black and white and NOT IN COLOR. As it is printed at a relatively low line screen shades of grey may vary, and small fonts below 8 points may be hard to read when printed. THE NEWSPAPER IS NOT PRODUCED IN QUARK EXPRESS. If a Quark file is received it will be converted to an eps file or opened in InDesign. We prefer Adobe Acrobat files, made to Press Ready Specifications. We can happily accept, eps, tiff, or jpeg files via the internet, on CD, DVD zipfiles, Stuffit.

The paper version of the paper is printed at an 85 lpi (line screen per inch), therefore bitmap graphic files are recommended to have a resolution of double that of 170 dpi (dots per inch) at 100% of the size of the graphic to be used in the paper.

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Advertise on The Soul of the American Actor Newspaper Advertise on The Soul of the American Actor Newspaper
The Soul of the American Actor Newspaper